Computer Vision Intern

Austin, Texas   |   Full Time

About Us

SIERA.AI is a fast-growing AI startup in Austin, TX that's building cutting-edge software and IoT solutions to transform existing industrial vehicles like forklifts into intelligent connected machines for ADAS and Self-Driving in Manufacturing, Warehousing, and Distribution. We're looking for talented perception engineers to grow our team.

About The Role - Computer Vision / Perception Intern

You will have the opportunity to work on different parts of the team’s responsibilities including object detection, classification, tracking, state estimation, scene understanding, sensor fusion, SLAM, Visual-Inertial Odometry, etc.

  • Research and develop cutting edge machine learning algorithms for the online Perception system 
  • Contribute to the development of these algorithms from prototype to production, including training on large scale datasets, and deploying on a real-time robotic platform 

Required Qualifications

  • Experience with perception sensors including LIDAR, radar, and cameras 
  • Expertise in one or more focus areas: deep learning, online learning, sequential prediction, graphical models, structured prediction, sequential models, reinforcement learning, imitation learning, planning under uncertainty, Bayesian inference, model compression, multi-task learning, forecasting etc.
  • Ph.D./MS in Robotics, Machine Learning, Computer Science, or a related field
  • 2-3 years of academic research experience.
  • Excellent Python/C++ programming and software design skills 
  • Strong grasp of fundamentals: linear algebra, discrete and continuous optimization, supervised and unsupervised methods, generative and discriminative methods
  • Competency in ROS / PCL / OpenCV / TensorFlow / Keras and other relevant tools for building large scale perception pipelines.
  • Demonstrable experience in building autonomous driving/drones/advanced driver assistance (ADAS) applications.

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